Utlärda danser på våra workshopdagar:


September 2010: 

Nothin' Better, Video

Smooth Operator, Video

Chachanela, Video

Boyfriend, Video

Hollywood, Video

Volare, Video


Oktober 2009:

Black Or Whitevideows-video

Playing With Firevideows-video

Ay Amorvideo, ws-video

Louisiana Swingvideows-video

Like It Rough, video, ws-video

Back To The 80's, videows-video


September 2008:

Rainy Night, video

Sting Me, video

I Dance

And I Liked It

Set On You

Friday Mambo


Oktober 2007:

Dancing In Line

Wanna Know Why

A Little Bit Closer

Ain't Got No Money

Luv 2 Luv

Down To Dublin


Oktober 2006:

Wonder Woman

Don't Feel Like Dancing

Do You Really

My Greek No 1


Reel Easy